Real Part generation for digital Coins

A purchase of a laser cutting and engraving device currently exceeds my purchase budget. Especially before Christmas. 

BTC direct / fast Donation here: 1Fvp3aZsNyM1nT6YWtKdVKD5opREdB6qW8

Therefore I would like to use the online possibility here.

With this device I want to create prototypes for a "hardware wallet", lots of small products and parts that are also used to create a beverage vending payment system. 

Of course a 3D printer would be an advantage, but at the moment the laser cutter is more important.

The device which should be purchased minimum:

Corresponding connection parts for water cooling, ventilation etc. are not included in the calculation.   

Would be nice if this sum comes together here.  With that I can really get started.

Many thanks

Contact via Discord:  user Coreyou

VNX Homepage:

MUE Homepage:

to all Donate of 20$ and upper; you could receive a cut wooden part in the coin of your choice


for our Coin Venox(VNX) & MonetaryUnit (MUE)I want to develop more and more towards "real" products and need a little support so that the goals can be implemented promptly.


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