Blockchain Adventure

Hi, for transparency sake, we started a kick-starter but it was suggested to our team to try this instead
Our mission with this project is to change the way we think about education in gaming.

Blockchain Adventure is an Action Adventure RPG. 

The Game combines Robot Collecting and Combat with Puzzles and Quests pulled from the Concepts and History of Blockchain Technology.

Unlock the mysteries of an ancient civilization and help decentralize the world with the power of block chain. 

  • Open World
  • 2 over-arching Main Story Plots
  • 7 Towns, Each with a main quest and NPC side quests. Each evolve as you quest
  • NPC Branching Dialogue with Influence and Reputation Rewards
  • Dungeons located under each town
  • Puzzles Teach you how different blockchain applications work
  • 120+ Robots to Collect with Upgrade-able Equipment
  • 8+ Battle Arenas based on blockchain applications
  • Robots can mine Cryptocurrency
  • In-game Cryptocurrency Market for Trading
  • Send and Receive in-game Cryptocurrency to NPCs
  • Craft 8+ Different blockchain applications with customization options

The World

Uncover the real past of Genesis Island and Earth 3.0. The original earth was destroyed a long time ago. The earth today is man-made. Who created it? Why was it created? What happened to earth 2.0 and the original?

Genesis Island

You were born on Genesis island. The city in the middle has been the main hub for all commerce and government. The age of the internet was no different. Databases were stored and maintained in Central City. If you needed information, you knew where to go. Recently, Central City has gone dark. Its metal gates won't open, and none of the other cities can access their information. 

Your Story

The professor in town is busy trying to figure out what happened to Central City so he asks you to take an experimental mobile computer (Node) to the next town over. Travel from city to city, uncovering the clues to the mysterious darkness. Along the way you will learn how use blockchain and cryptocurrency in an effort to save the island. 

A world of unimaginable secrets with a wide range of memorable characters awaits you. Through puzzles, quests, and combat, we introduce the history and concepts behind blockchain technology in an engaging and visual way.

 Our aim is to produce a game that anyone above the age of 8 can easily navigate and benefit from. However, we also will incorporate enough content that even players with intermediate or advance understanding of blockchain will be able to enjoy the experience.

You don't need any previous knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrencies. The protagonist begins the journey through Genesis Island with no previous knowledge of blockchain and learns along the way; just as you will. 

The World -- Each town has unique main quest and side quests. Helping or ignoring NPCs opens up various quest lines and rewards.  Some quests can be solved in multiple ways, providing you with a deeply repayable experience. Scams are also prevalent, just like in the real world. To some, these will be hard to spot, but these experiences do unlock new dialog options and quests. We have built this game to be scaleable so that as the industry advances, we can record it with new quests, NPCs, and towns. The art, while cartoon-ish and colorful, is based on where the application was originally developed.

The Story is about Blockchain History - each town represents a different application with quests that push you forward through its history. Every NPC or town’s problems in the game comes from real-life examples of implementation. There are no advertisements in the game, all coins have been re-named and re-imaged to fit within this fantasy world.

The puzzles in each dungeon are visual representations of how that application operates. Trees represent blockchains, and grow as you complete puzzles. In the beginning you might be solving puzzles by matching colored crystals. As you advance, different puzzles open up. One type allows you to transform objects in the world into data crystals, and then protect those crystals by fighting off monsters. Upon completion of each dungeon, an ancient machine awakens, granting you and the NPCs of the town above, new skills and technology. 

Explore Dangerous Dungeons, Floral Forests, Sandy Sand Castles, and much much more.

Your node is the primary defense and offense you have when exploring dungeons. Make sure you’re prepared. The PC-Shops and Arenas offer various forms of upgrades. GPUs, Motherboards, Cooling, and weapons. Collect Over 120 Different types. Program them to mine in-game cryptocurrency. Upgrade and equip them with the best gear and battle in the Arena. Each attachment can effect both mining and battle. For example, motherboards allow different attachments.

Battle Arenas are based on a different algorithms. These battles are on side-chains, because trying to destroy someone else's node outside of battle defeats the purpose of decentralization. In this world, these arenas are purely for sport. Ex: proof of work - a time-limit is set to 30seconds. You can disable the mining function of the other bot to receive the coin, or stay alive enough to share it. The currency you get in arenas can be traded or exchanged for arena Gear.

In-game Cryptocurrency is made by each town. Each coin has different uses such as money, trade, and crafting. Discovering different coins opens new NPC dialog options. Exchange is available to trade different coins. 

Crafting applications may be used to for personal ledgers or built to help solve problems. Decentralize your crafts by setting up nodes across the world or by telling npcs about it. Or both. Your coin will also be given a value based on various aspects in the game. 

NPCs are made with care, with dialog options, backstories and their own problems. They can aid you in quests, offer personal quests, and can be taught how to use blockchain. They are also created with different morals. Some may trick you into scams, some may need help sending money to a loved one in another city.

Quests range from helping an NPC set up a wallet, to finding your lost friend. Each quest is unique. Some side quests have multiple ways of completing, but give you different rewards. Events in the game also trigger different results of current quests. If you accept a quest and ignore it, the outcome of that quest may vary.

Player Options give you control over how you play the game.

  • Customize your look
  • Houses can store nodes and items. 
  • Wallets in the game display how much you have, in each currency. Make multiple types of wallets or just one. Paper wallets are easy to make and hide, but can be damaged easily. 
  • Store NPC public addresses for sending crypto
  • Quest logs provide you with more advanced information about the puzzles you complete. Such as How to build a paper wallet in real life, and other real information.
  • Node inventory, equipment, and mining options.

All-in-all, Puzzles will test your wit, Robot Battles will test your strength, and teaching NPCs how to send cryptocurrency will test your patience.

 $70,000 - We can make the game and we can hire an artist part time that specializes in small scale pixel art!

$90,000 - Bring on a 2nd artist that specializes in large scale pixel art and 8 language translations (Backer voted)

$120,000 - Hire a dedicated musician, more money to put into pixel artist

$140,000 - We can hire a dedicated community manager to help take care of the forums and user input, allowing the rest of the development team more time to spend on the game. This also allows us to send our backers a version of the game every month so you can see the work we put in.

$200,000 - Co-op Adventure mode with Split screen and Network play.

$300,000 - Ports for Switch, Xbox, PS4 and Mobile Android and iOS

$500,000 - Dedicated Online Node Battle Arena VS mode

 $10 USD, NO cash shop or any extra purchases for in-game items.

DRM-free for PC, Mac, and Linux. Direct Download, Steam, GOG,

Digital documents will be DRM-free, available in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.

 Every opinion matters!

All backers Get access to our discord, access to the forums, and development opinion polls - your input will help shape the game. You also get a credit in game

All physical rewards are limited edition versions and wont be sold after the campeign ends.
If outside of US, please include an additional $10 USD for shipping

All physical rewards come with a USB pre-loaded. On the USB are the following: The game, soundtrack, strategy guide, art book, & HD wallpapers.

All items will come in their original packaging.
If you receive any defective product, you will need to ship the product back to us first and then we can send you a replacement. We are not affiliated with any of these companies, nor do we make any of these products in-house.

All raspberry Pi rewards come with additional software on the USB for use with the raspberry pi, including Noobs installer and additional digital Books. For those who have never used this hardware before, note that you will need a computer and home network connection in order to use. You can buy other accessorizes online, such as a small monitor, but we cant give you any recommendations.

All art shown on boxes are subject to change when we hire artists