MonetaryUnit wallet development fund

Team MUE are looking for your support.

You can help by donating just a few dollars of crypto to contribute to building a development fund to secure the future of this project.

The MonetaryUnit project which launched in July 2014, has been completely boot strapped/self funded up until this point.

We have never directly asked for donations, and we would only in circumstances like this, in that we simply cannot afford to complete the crucial last few months and pay the costs required to make it a truly self sustaining blockchain project.

The personal financial resources of the core team have been hit significantly by the general down trend of crypto.
This has been made worse due to the very poor performance of MUE to deliver the desperately needed budgeting system which was expected over 12 months ago.
This failure to deliver has in turn depressed the MUE price significantly more than the market average downtrend due to a drop in confidence in the project,

We have addressed internal issues and made the appropriate decisions around the organisational leadership & structure.

We are going to make this happen!

Can we rely on your support? No matter how small, help us fund the large overheads including servers, miners, administrative costs, developer costs that have for the past 4+ years been covered by the team.

We assure you, like over the past 4 years, we will continue to work hard to keep pushing forward aiming to make MonetaryUnit one of the leading global cryptocurrency projects.

Please help us make that happen.

Your donation will directly enable us to pay multiple developers who have the expertise to activate our budgeting & governance, making us a truly sustainable project
i.e We will NOT have to ask for donations again!

Many thanks

Byron B (MUE founder) & the rest of the MUE team.

Please don't hesitate to join in discussions in our Discord

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Team MUE are looking to secure funding for MUE wallet development. This campaign is to fund the development team to complete the budgeting & governance activation.


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