Sheldon Store Investment Opportunity

About Us

At Sheldon Trinity, we are dedicated to creating platforms where people can earn, spend and invest cryptocurrencies, with our first platform being Sheldon Store where you can buy various USD denominated gift cards and pay with over 100 cryptocurrencies.

About Crowdfunding

At Sheldon Store, we are continuously working to improve our services. We are raising funds to increase order processing and delivery time by creating a Reserve Inventory. All our gift cards are gotten directly from Amazon to ensure the authenticity of all gift cards sold on our store. As such, gift cards are shipped to us in typically 3 to 5 business days, after which authorized staffs unpack and upload gift cards to a secure portal until they are needed. This process is time and energy consuming which in turn affects order processing and delivery times as an inventory re-fill takes anywhere between 8-20 business days.

We are raising funds to create a Reserve inventory. With this, order processing and delivery times will be greatly improved as the effects of an inventory re-fill will be minimal due to gift cards stored in the Reserve Inventory. $15,000 worth of Bytecoin - BCN has already been released for this purpose. An additional $5,000 is however needed to help get additional gift cards.

With the funds, processing/delivery time is expected to be improved by up to 80%

What Investors Get

Everyone participating in our crowdfunding will get a return on investments up to 50% in the following order:

  1. Investments between $10-$99 gets a 10% ROI paid out between the first 2 months.
  2. Investments between $100-$999 gets a 20% ROI paid out between the first 5 months of investment.
  3. Investments above $1000 gets a 30% ROI paid out between the first 6 - 8 months of investment.
  4. Investments of $5,000 gets a 50% ROI paid out paid out monthly between the first 12 months of investments. For a $5,000 investment, please contact our sales team via email: [email protected]

This is a great way to earn an extra income while helping us improve our services.

Questions/Inquiries? Please contact our support team via email: [email protected]


We are raising funds to help improve order processing/delivery times on our store.

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