Gigbag Online - Free Music Lessons For All

My name is Pearce.

I believe that everyone should have access to an online library of free music lessons to be able to learn an instrument.

Gigbag Online is a project I aim to grow over the next few years into the best free online resource for music lessons and courses.

Not only will it include lessons, but will also include reviews and tutorials of the best free applications and plugins out there for musicians to get their hands on so that they don't have to spend time working out which product will be best for them.

We'll also be posting links to any good sales or discounts we find along the way to help users of the site get the most bang for their buck for the products the do decide to purchase.

The money raised will go towards getting better video equipment than I currently have and some decent lighting for recording the lessons and courses that will feature on the site.

If we are lucky to raise more than the original amount, this will be used for marketing and other aspects of making the site better.

It would mean so much to me if this project gets funded to help give it a kickstart in the right direction.



Building an online resource of free online music lessons.

Pearce Hamblin

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