Molly Sweeney

 Our show will be performed in Greece, in Greek language in a small but one of the most respected theatre stages in Athens. He are determined and committed for it to happen, either this campaign succeeds or fails.

We are a group of artists, called PYR, our official web page is There you can see our previous works. Photos, reviews and even enjoy for free our first show:  "A Feast in a time of Plague" an 1830 play by Aleksandr Pushkin. 

 Our new show gonna be Brian Friel's MOLLY SWEENEY. One of the best plays of our time, mainly themed about the way our society deals with disabilities, how wrongfully reacts and understands them. It tells the story of its title character, Molly, a woman blind since infancy, who undergoes an operation to try to restore her sight. Like Friel's Faith Healer, the play tells Molly's story through monologues by three characters: Molly, her husband Frank, and her surgeon, Mr. Rice. Whenever this show is performed it enjoys considerable success.

Even though, we decided that the best place for this show to be performed is a really small stage with a limited amount of audience. We need the proximity of this site specific performance and value it as top priority. The downside is that its almost impossible to really get paid with so little audience. With even a minimum pay. Its also very difficult to fund the construction of the set we imagine and rent the technical equipement for the shows.

All backers get free tickets for our show! For personal use or to giveaway to their friends!

This is where we ask the pioneer community of decentralized and free world to help us in this venture. There is no small amount for us, and everything is needed and helpful!


One of the most influential theatre plays of our times about the will and ability of someone to see and understand and accept the world, our world. From Irish author Brian Friel.

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