MonetaryUnit wallet development fund

Q : Why do you need funding?

The project has been totally self funded for over 4 years. This is not sustainable and a decision was made 2 years ago to migrate to the Dash code base, a stable & sustainable model which allocates funds to a “budget”. We have been waiting for the deployment of this “budget” side of the code for over a year, however the team working on it have not delivered it, and we have simply run out of financial resources to keep funding the project from our own pockets.

Q : What will you use the funding for?

To pay developers to activate this “budget” portion of the code, meaning that up to 12,000 MUE per day will be available to be distributed to benefit the project.

Q : Are we buying a share in the project?

No. This is a simple crowdfunding campaign. We are looking for donations to help this open source project succeed.

Q : Do we get anything out of this?

Yes, you get to know that you have made a positive impact on this project. If you choose one of our “rewards”, you can obtain limited edition 2018 MUE physical coins & also get a “badge” in our discord identifying you as a significant contributor. We will also have a dedicated page on listing the Donors to the project as a thank you for helping to secure our future.

Q : I don't have any funds to donate, is there anything else I can do to help?

Sure! The best thing you can do right now is try to bring people to this crowdfunding page! Join in discussions, bring in new people to see what we're about, Tweet about us. Maybe you have specific skills that can help? Programming etc? There is SO much individuals can do to help the project other than give us money.

Q : You have set a very high target goal?

This figure is realistic for the 3-4 month period, considering the large financial burden running a cryptocurrency project bears, and also taking into account the specialist wallet developers we will source to complete the governance work required.

Q : Will you have to wait until the campaign is closed before you can use the funds?

No. As we are the operator of the StartMy platform, the moment you donate funds to us, they are accessible to us to use immediately. Your donation makes a difference, no matter how small or large, and we have access to it right away to start using it to make a positive difference for the project.

Q : Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Please be sure before you donate that you are 100% happy to do that. Once you have donated we are unable to refund you as the funds will be withdrawn immediately and put to use.

Team MUE are looking to secure funding for MUE wallet development. This campaign is to fund the development team to complete the budgeting & governance activation.


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